N. 1082
UNI EN ISO 9001:2008

The Italloy S.p.To. it is present on the market of the ferrous metals and not ferrous from the 2001. The purpose of the activity of the ITALLOY includes the workmanship, the recovery, the trading, the importation, the export and the marketing, in Italy and to the foreign countries, of metals semilavorati, raw, rolled, I extruded, cinders, wrecks, residual metallic generally.

The society is therefore in possession of automezzi of big and small course to satisfy the different demands, as well as of container to be furnished in account deposit for the harvest of the wrecks.

The accomplishment of such activities is developed thanks to an infrastructure that understands proper means, stores of stoccaggio authorized wrecks, fittings of compattazione, inside laboratory for the execution of chemical analysis spettrofotometriche and of measure damp.